Codes of conduct

Our business operations are based on a systematic management method that puts the strategic goals of the company into practice at every level of the organisation. With this method, we intend to ensure that every member of our organisation is aiming towards a common goal rather than a partial optimisation. The method is known as Hoshin Kanri, that is, Policy Deployment.

Management system

Our management system consists of three central processes. For us, managing means to comply with and to continuously develop these core processes. The processes are:

  1. Daily Management – DM.
    With daily management we make sure that the performance of our company remains at a good level to allow us to respond to customer requests every and each day.
  2. Hoshin Kanri, that is Policy Deployment – PD. 
    With the PD we can create new processes that allow us to reach our strategic goals to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. Problem Solving Process – PSP. 
    We constantly face problems in our daily management and while executing our policy deployment, we use the Problem Solving Process to find solutions to these problems.

The management processes above are not always directly applicable to every one of us every day but we all have a personal responsibility to implement at least some parts of the management process.


In addition to the management processes mentioned above, one of our most important values is kaizen, i.e., continuous improvement. Everything we do can be improved - always! Regardless of where we look at in our organisation, from production processes, processes for different functions to the office processes of the top management, we see unnecessary transporting, moving, repairing, storing, etc. All of the above is so-called muda or waste, and by systematically reducing it we can improve the quality, speed and cost-efficiency of our operations.


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